Operations Manager Reporting WSUS Sync Errors during your schedule Update Sync

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You may see SCOM alerts on your WSUS servers shortly after you begin to synchronize your updates with Microsoft. If your WSUS servers sync with Microsoft on a regular basis, this can generate unnecessary emails.

The error from SCOM is as follows:

Alert description: Component ConfigMgr WSUS Synchronization Manager – <SERVER NAME>(SMS_WSUS_SYNC_MANAGER) on <SERVER NAME> is not working properly.

The problem is that ConfigMgr sets the WSUS availability to “Hung” if it doesn’t receive a heart beat during the first 6 minutes of the hour.  The heartbeat never occurs if this is the same time frame as when the Sync starts. You can see this in the compmon.log at 6 minutes past the hour:

“Updated Operations Management registry key values for component SMS_WSUS_SYNC_MANAGER; Execution State = 3 and Availability = 1.”

The simple “fix” is to move your synchronization schedule to 7 minutes past the hour.


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