RDP within XenDesktop is Slow

I ran into an issue today, where a user was reporting that their Xen Desktop session was nearly unusable once they launched remote desktop to another system. I found that if a user has an effective available bandwidth of approximately 300 kbps (in our environment) or less while there is an active RDP session within the XenDesktop session, the connection is nearly unusable. I tried to enable some heavy compression in my tests, but it didn’t drastically improve anything. I was hoping that since RDP is screen painting to the XenDesktop session that I could compress this traffic more and have better results. As far as graphical performance tweaks, there wasn’t much we could do. After some extensive Googling however, I found the cause was Aero mouse pointers active in the RDP session (the Windows Default). See here: Slow or Jerky Mouse Movement from Published RDP Session

I simply created a group policy preference to replace all the string values in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Cursors to blank. After this was enabled, no extra compression was required.


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