Report for Collections using Delta Discoveries (Incremental Updates)

I am not going to go into the details of using SQL reporting services….there are other blogs who discuss this much more detail than I can do justice.

Simply, I am using the following SQL query in my dataset to report this setting:

v_Collections.Flags IN (4, 6, 4100)

The result:
Incremental Updates

You may notice, I have more than Microsoft’s recommended 200 collections with incremental updates enabled. There are several factors which play into this.
1. We are a relatively small shop, so there aren’t loads of changes…as a result, it is relatively quick to process
2. We have a dedicated SQL server
3. We have increased our System Group Discovery and our Incremental Collection times from the default 5 minutes to 10 minutes.
4. We are monitoring the colleval.log on the Primary Site Server to ensure that the collection evaluation always takes less than 10 minutes to complete (ours takes an average of 6 minutes)


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