Remotely Forcing a Computer to Register in DNS

Suppose you have a computer that you know is on, but for some reason doesn’t show up in DNS. The NetBIOS name is available, but you have a need to use the FQDN. This can be painful when you use a tool that depends on the DNS name being available. The fix is quite simple, but requires that you have WinRM deployed in your environment and for you to use the NetBIOS name

These commands are run from a powershell cmdlet:

     Enter-PSSession 'BrokenComputerNetBiosName'
     ipconfig /registerdns
     exit #Leaves Powershell session

After these commands are run, wait a couple of minutes (this can take up to 5 minutes but should be faster)

     Ipconfig /flushdns
     ping 'BrokenComputer.Fully.Qualified.Domain.Name'

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