SysJam Powershell Right Click Tool – Part 1 Introduction

Late yesterday, I was able to post a copy of the SysJam powershell right click tool for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager clients on codeplex! You can download it here

Now, why publish a tool when there are numerous others out there?

  1. This tool is intended as a learning experience. I learned alot while building it, and I hope to share that with you. This post is the first in a series using this tool as a show case for it.
  2. There were some functionality I found lacking in other tools, such as:
    a. Remote task manager: I want to see in as much realtime as possible what processes are running on the remote computer.
    b. Live update of running jobs: When I am waiting for a deployment to finish, I don’t like checking the execmgr.log file for updates. I want to see easily what is running so I know if there are other jobs I have to wait for as well. I also don’t like not knowing the instant the job is done.
    c. Who is logged in?: If my job is waiting for environment configurations, I want to see who is logged in so I know who to call to log off. I’d also like to be able to make the judgement call and log them off myself.
    d. Execution History: Our ConfigMgr environment wasn’t always a 2012 environment. As a result, some execution history is still stored in the redirected 32 bit registry on 64 bit systems. Most tools only got the current execution history, so it was confusing when jobs just didn’t rerun.
    e. Remote triggering of Windows Updates: Lets face it you likely have some machines that have Windows Updates deployed as available rather than required. This is likely because you can’t get a reliable maintenance window. Or you may have some clients that have broken Windows Update agents and you need to retrigger the installation. Do you want to log onto these machines to initiate these Windows Update installations?
    f. Visibility into programs deployed to the user (not the computer)
    h. Are there other pain points for you? I may be able to implement a feature for you….just drop a note in the comments here or at the project page on codeplex!
  3. Consolidation. Lets face it…..if you wanted, you could get all of this done with multiple tools….

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