WSUS/SCCM – Tracking Down Updates with Failed Eula Downloads

By running the report “Troubleshooting 1 – Scan errors” you can identify some errors which may be preventing computers in your environment from properly reporting compliance for Windows Updates.

One of the errors you may see in here is -2145124301 which translates to “License terms could not be downloaded”. If there are large numbers of computers reporting this error, you may have an issue with a specific update.

Lets take a look at identifying which update is the cause.
Choosing one of the computers returned in the report, open the file C:\Windows\WindowsUpdate.log
Search for the error: “WARNING: Fail to download eula”

Directly above this, look for the error: “WARNING: Failed to evaluate Installed rule”

For me this was:
“WARNING: Failed to evaluate Installed rule, updateId = {189A8F50-0C3A-4FDF-8BC2-BC23A3EB11FB}.101, hr = 80242013”

I did some looking around and found that numerous people had traced this update to a language pack for Internet Explorer. I did some looking in my environment and couldn’t find any language packs for internet explorer. Searching “All Software Updates” in Configuration Manager 2012 R2 for “189A8F50-0C3A-4FDF-8BC2-BC23A3EB11FB” yielded no results as well.

First, lets check if SCCM even knows about this update:

gwmi -class "SMS_SoftwareUpdate" -Computer SiteServerName -Namespace "root\sms\site_ccm" | Where-Object -Property ApplicabilityCondition -match "189A8F50-0C3A-4FDF-8BC2-BC23A3EB11FB"

This unfortunately yielded no results for me. I’m guessing this is probably the same as using the gui, so hardly surprising. We’re going to have to do some more digging.

Next I opened up SQL Management Studio (since my WSUS environment database is running in SQL) and did some looking (don’t change anything!)

  FROM [SUSDB].[dbo].[tbUpdate] WHERE UpdateID = '189A8F50-0C3A-4FDF-8BC2-BC23A3EB11FB'

This simply returns the UpdateID back to us…..So, we know it is in WSUS somewhere.

Next, lets check if it is bundled with another update (note the revision number on the end of the update in the error {189A8F50-0C3A-4FDF-8BC2-BC23A3EB11FB}.101):


DECLARE	@return_value int

EXEC	@return_value = [dbo].[spGetUpdatesThatBundleUpdate]
		@updateID = "189A8F50-0C3A-4FDF-8BC2-BC23A3EB11FB",
		@revisionNumber = "101"

SELECT	'Return Value' = @return_value


This yielded some pretty good results:

3-9-2015 4-09-25 PM

Now we know that this 189A8F50-0C3A-4FDF-8BC2-BC23A3EB11FB update is included in IE9 (KB982861). Since IE9 is old, we can ensure that this update is no longer deployed and the update should get cleared out by SCCM/WSUS automatically or with a scheduled WSUS server cleanup.


One thought on “WSUS/SCCM – Tracking Down Updates with Failed Eula Downloads

  1. Stephane May 14, 2015 / 8:08 am

    Hey guys,

    So I have this error. Litteraly the same thing. Did you retire it from WSUS or from SCCM? In my case it had been accidentally downloaded (but not deployed) in one of our Software Update Packages. I removed it, but… No change. Your explanation makes a lot of sense though. We are getting this message on 100 or so machines that were never able to update to IE10. We don’t even need it at all.

    Thanks for the input!

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