Content Library Explorer – The Legacy Package Does Not Have Exactly One Content

I recently ran into an issue, where my Primary site server was running low on disk space. This turned into a general spring cleaning of the ConfigMgr environment. As part of the cleanup process, I wanted to check the distribution points for old or stale packages.

Microsoft has provided a toolkit for cleanup operations such as this:

Part of this toolkit is the Content Library Explorer. However, after aiming this at my distribution point, I was confronted with the following error:


Not exactly an insightful message. I did however find a useful thread regarding this issue:

Using the provided script, I happily identified 3 packages that were causing issues. I simply removed the extra old folders and redistributed these. The extra folders were now gone, but the error message remained.

After doing some more digging with procmon, I identified the verification steps the content explorer appears to make as well as 3 possible different problems which could lead to the above error message.

1. More than 1 data folder exists for a given package in the datalib subfolder of the SCCMContentLib folder. (This is addressed by the script in the link above)
2. There exists an ini file in the pkglib subfolder of the SCCMContentLib folder, but the associated ini file in the datalib folder is missing.
3. There are multiple content versions listed in the ini file located in the pkglib folder.

I have written the following function to test the SCCMContentLib folder for problems. Problems that are found by this script are fixable by removing any extra folders for the given package from the DataLib folder, removing the distribution point from the package, waiting for the files to disappear and redistributing the package to the distribution point.

Function Test-DPLegacyContent{

    #Calculate child folders
    $pkgdir = join-path -path $DPFolderPath -ChildPath 'pkglib'
    $datadir = join-path -path $DPFolderPath -childpath 'datalib'
    $childdatafolders = Get-ChildItem -Directory $datadir

    ForEach($file in (get-childitem -file $pkgdir)){
        $filecontent = Get-content $file.FullName
        $expectedcontent = $filecontent.split('`n')[1].replace('=','')
        if($expectedcontent -match $file.basename){
            #legacy package
            $packageID = $file.basename
            #Check for missing INI files
            if(!(test-path (join-path $datadir -ChildPath "${expectedcontent}.ini"))){
                [pscustomobject]@{'PackageID'=$PackageID; 'Error'="Ini file missing in datalib for $packageID"}

            #Check for mismatch in folder count
            [array]$matchingFolders = [array]($childdatafolders | Where{$_.Name -match $packageID})
            $foldercount = $matchingfolders.count
            if($foldercount -ne 1){
                [pscustomobject]@{'PackageID'=$PackageID; 'Error'="$foldercount folders found"}
        #Check for multiple content versions in pkg ini
        if(($filecontent.split('`n')[2].replace('=','')) -match $file.basename){
            [pscustomobject]@{'PackageID'=$PackageID; 'Error'="Multiple package versions found in pkglib ini"}

Test-DPLegacyContent -dpfolderpath '\\DPServer\d$\SCCMContentLib\'

To use this script, simply change the dpfolderpath parameter to the path of your SCCMContentLib.


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