SMA – Failed To Save Runbook

You may run into an error when when trying to create a runbook or save an existing runbook in Service Management Automation 2012.  The error on the webpage is very vague (similar to “Failed to save the runbook”).  Clicking the more details button just gives the message “Please try again later”.

I attempted to debug it using IIS tracing.  If you do this, you will find the admin portal throws an error 500 on the url “AutomationAdmin/SaveRunbook”.  Additionally, the SMA app pool throws an error 500 on the put method for the rest api url for the draft you are attempting to save.  Since the error is appearing within SMA as well, it is unlikely that the cause is the Azure Pack installation.

Next, I turned on analytical monitoring in the Event viewer for Service Management Automation.  Unfortunately, this yielded no useful events.

Finally, I used the SMA Authoring toolkit to try to save the runbook.  This gave me a new more useful error: “Error occurred while uploading media resource”.   A quick google search of this error led me to:  Sure enough, I found 65536 tmp files in C:\Windows\Temp…which I promptly deleted 🙂

Issue resolved!


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